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Why do so many vaccinated Britons still feel too frightened to leave home? [Video]

Until last summer, Sunita Hind was a happy-go-lucky person who enjoyed weekly shopping trips in town with her girlfriends. But today, even a visit to her local hairdresser feels terrifying.

'I am living in a constant state of fear,' says the 38-year-old writer from Derby.

'The thought of coming into contact with other people makes me terrified. I thought I'd be jumping for joy at the idea of going to get my hair done. 

'But all I can think of is the people who might come too close to me.'

Sunita was diagnosed with anxiety by her GP last summer. She rarely ventures out – despite having had both her Covid jabs. 

Two weeks ago, she suffered a panic attack in her local Asda. 

'It was all the people swarming around me. Having spent so long in my little bubble at home, where I felt safe, it was way too …

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5 Types of Toxic Friends [Video]

Friendship plays an important role in our lives. However, we aren’t always blessed with having reliable and trusting friends around us. Have you ever felt like this in your experience? #toxicfriends #friendshipsCredits Writer: Veronica MaScript Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda SilveraAnimator: Lesly YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong ReferencesTEDx Talks. (2016, December 21). Sharon Livingston: 8 signs of a toxic friendship. Retrieved from Student Talks. (2019, May 17). Leo Hamric: What can you do when a friendship becomes harmful? Retrieved from you have any experience or anything to add let me know in the comments.