Mental Health

Vikings COO Andrew Miller shares his challenges with depression [Video]

Andrew Miller talks about his experience with depression in this week's "Mind Matters" series, and how the Vikings are reducing the stigma around mental health.

EAGAN, Minn. — The Minnesota Vikings are a Sunday fixture in the fall. 

Behind the scenes, Andrew Miller is in charge of making sure the business operations of the team are flowing smoothly.

"I love my job," Miller said.

Miller is the team's Chief Operating Officer, and says that mental health struggles don't discriminate based on job title.

"There were definitely some really low points where it just didn't really feel like it was ever going to get better," Miller said. 

Miller says he first started struggling with depression in high school between his junior and senior year. 

A feeling that has returned, he says, a handful of times since.

"It was just a complete feeling of hopelessness – of not wanting to connect with people and not feeling like other …

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