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Tom Odell admits pressure to make money heightened anxiety [Video]

Tom Odell has revealed that feeling pressure to constantly make more money has heightened his anxiety. 

The Another Love singer is due to release his new album, Monsters, which features a raw insight into his mental health journey. 

One song, aptly-titled Money, sees Tom explore the old adage that money can’t buy happiness and it’s a subject very close to home for the singer. 

Speaking to, the musician explained: ‘It just seems that the answer to every question is just to make more money. 

‘It seems like we put so much value in the Western world on success and I think that it becomes a hamster in a wheel that so many people can’t get off. And ultimately, what seems crazy about it is that we’re all constantly made to feel as if we’re not making enough money. 

‘Whether that means you have very little or loads of it, the way …

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