Reducing Inflammation

Use this for joint pain & arthritis to reduce inflammation [Video]

Hi, Dietitian Angela here providing you with answers to questions I get asked. This is the same information that I would give to others. I focus on whole foods and plant-based nutrition.Click subscribe 👍 & like if you enjoy the videos. I’m a holistic registered dietitian nutritionist helping you become nutrition savvy.This new nutrition research goes over a nutrition option for pain in joints or arthritis. The studies done were specific to osteoarthritis but these options have been known to help with other areas as well.First Research study reviewed: study reviewed from august 2020: MEAL PLAN SHOPPING LIST & TIPS: YOU A RDN LOOKING FOR MATERIALS FOR YOUR CLIENTS? See my shop on RD 2 RD CONNECTED 👩‍💻Website: 📱Instagram:📌Pinterest: Stamps0:00 beginning 0:41 article #1, first option for reducing pain as effective as over the counter medicine 3:11 article #2, second option for pain4:12 other possible benefits for the foods besides pain 5:12 where to get nutrition information for helping with inflammation or anti-inflammatory