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8 Ways to Stop Feeling Empty Inside [Video]

Have you been feeling empty lately? Lonely? Numb? Or Hopeless? Emotional numbness, believe it or not, actually boils down to our bodies’ three evolutionary stress responses: fight, flight, or freeze. When you go through any event in life that is extremely taxing in an emotional or physical way, your body’s survival mechanism is activated and causes your psyche to go into the “freeze” mode. This blocks out the pain from negatively affecting you any further. Emptiness can also just be a feeling of general dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment which leads to an inability to experience positive emotions. Although it may provide a comfortable escape for a little while, this type of depersonalization can be very harmful to the mind over time. So with the goal of overcoming emptiness, here are few ways to stop feeling empty inside. Want to know the real reason behind your emptiness? We made a video about that too: Writer: Aditi Nambiar Script Editor: Morgan Franz Script Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda Silvera Animator: NaphiaYouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References:Burns, M. (2020, November 26). Why You’re Feeling Empty and How to Fill the Void. Lifehack. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from, S. (2020, January 8). A Blueprint to Healing From Depersonalization. NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Health Illness. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from, T., MA, LPC. (2014, November 12). ‘I Feel Empty’: How to Overcome Feelings of Emptiness. Good Therapy. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from, I. (2018, October 31). Depersonalisation: Why Do I Feel Empty and Numb? Psychology Today. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from, C. (n.d.). 6 Simple Steps to Being More Mindful. Seleni. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health. (n.d.). University Health Service- University of Michigan. Retrieved February 20, 2021, from this channel to get access to perks: you like to animate for the team? Check out this: in writing for psych2go? Check out: