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Cannabis News: Voters Across The U.S. Will See Cannabis and Psychedelics On Their November Ballots [Video]

Voters at the local and state level across the United States will consider numerous psychedelics and cannabis use measures next month. In Colorado: The Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress (LEAP) program would raise taxes to help reduce the education gap for low-income students. Additionally, voters in Denver will consider increasing cannabis tax by 1.5% to fund pandemic-related research. In Philadelphia: a referendum is being considered to urge lawmakers to enact cannabis legalization. In Detroit: a bill will be considered to decriminalize psychedelics and further regulate the sale and distribution of plant and fungus-derived psychedelics, like psilocybin and mescaline. In Ohio: Over a dozen municipalities will vote on decriminalizing cannabis, and a new Republican-sponsored cannabis legalization measure will be brought forth. In Virginia: voters will be choosing their next governor, which will play a crucial role in deciding how the legal cannabis market is rolled out shortly.