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Raised By Crazy Person. The Daily Gogetemism Show. 10/13 by Urban Therapy with Sun [Video]

Things wear off on children. Sometimes the good things wear off. Sometimes the bad things wear off. Sometimes the quirky, or crazy things wear off. A lot of times, we don’t like to talk about the crazy things. The truth is that no parents are perfect, but some don’t even seem to want to try to be better. If you were raised by a parent that suffered undiagnosed mental illness, it could have devastating effects on a child. They can pick up on all kinds of reckless and irresponsible behavior. Let us see about it. This is what we’re talking about tonight at 7PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check this out: Call 319-527-6199 to listen live on the air, comment live, or chat. Subscribe to this channel please. #thecrazylady #mentalillness #depression #bornandraised