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Relaxing Rain Zen Music 4 Anxiety Sleep Disorder With Indian Cuckoo sound. Sleep well, Gud Nite! [Video]

Relaxing Rain Zen Music 4 Anxiety Sleep Disorder With Indian Cuckoo sound. Sleep well, Gud Nite!

This video is a short clip of a longer version, to get feedback from youtube audience for improvment and make some changer for wider acceptance. Please feel free to write in your views in comment section box. Longer upcoming version is in two variation one is with piano music and the other one is with Indian choir. Thank you for visiting this page.

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Our world-class composers produce relaxing music with binaural beats and state-enhancing frequencies to help you relax, sleep, focus, meditate and heal. We combine our music with imagery from the world’s most beautiful locations, ensuring that you will feel a sense of deep relaxation whilst watching them.

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Better Sleep

Dr. Gominak - Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorders AND MORE Due to a Lack of Vitamins D and B [Video]

Dr. Gominak - Anxiety, Depression,The World Epidemic of Sleep Disorders AND MORE Due to a Lack of Vitamins D and BImagine a world filled with people pain-free with mental illness, anxiety, depression and psychosis a thing of the past. Medical illness is reduced. Medication use is minimized. Dr. Gominak believes, “See your doctor once a year, heal your body every night. The world epidemic of sleep disorders AND MORE is linked to Vitamin D deficiency!Dr. Gominak also says that autism is linked to insufficient deep sleep.The global struggle with worsening sleep is linked to reduced sun exposure, says Dr. Gominak.See your doctor once a year. Heal your body every night.Given back enough time in deep sleep and the necessary raw materials (D and B vitamins) the brain can make up for the deep sleep that it missed and develop normal social skills even into the teens and early 20’s.Not a morning person? Dr. Gominak says that’s due to a sleep disorder.Follow Dr. Gominak at Dr. J atwww.educationalimpactacademy.comTwitter - @karinjakubowski - #jakubowskikarin

Better Sleep

Ambient Sleep Music ★︎ Stronger Immune System ★︎ Melatonin Release, Deep Sleep MusicWe create ambient new age music intended to help you sleep more easily. This music can also be used for study, spa, meditation, stress relief, sleep & relaxation. To view our complete collection visit our home page Where you will find a playlist of your choice.🎵Track information:Title: Deep Sleep 05 Composed by SilentRhythmTry Listening with your headphones in a quiet environment for the best results.Thank you for watching and I hope this video helps you. Namaste 🙏 🎧 We recommend using your headphones while listening to this music.#FallAsleepFast #AmbientSleepMusic #Meditate© Copyright:Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.Music composed by SilentRhythmFootage Licensed to SilentRhythm (Envato)Copyright ⓒ2021 SilentRhythm®. All Rights Reserved

Better Sleep

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