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Pulse Oximeter | How To Use Pulse Oximeter Fingertip COVID 19 Readings Chart [Video]

Pulse Oximeter | How To Use Pulse Oximeter Fingertip COVID 19 Readings Chart

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Pulse Oximeter. How To Use Pulse Oximeter, Fingertip. Readings Chart COVID 19. Using Pulse Oximeter and Lots More.

In this weeks video we’re looking at How To Use Pulse Oximeter Fingertip COVID 19 Readings Chart. This video consists of the current information on How To Use Pulse A Oximeter on the Fingertip and analyse Readings Charts as well as COVID 19.

00:00​​ Pulse Oximeter | How To Use Pulse Oximeter Fingertip COVID 19 Readings Chart
00:40 What Is A Pulse Oximeter Fingertip How Does It Work
01:51​ Why Do We Use A Pulse Oximeter Fingertip
03:06 How To Use Pulse Oximeter Fingertip
06:20 Analysing Pulse Oximeter Fingertip COVID 19 Readings Chart
13:26 Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Buying Guide

A pulse oximeter is a small medical device that is put on the tip of the finger, to check someone’s oxygen levels.

Pulse oximeters measure blood oxygen levels by transmitting light through a finger – they are more accurate than smart watches or phones which make less accurate readings by reflecting light off the skin.

Pulse oximetry can help with earlier detection of silent hypoxia, where people have low oxygen levels in the absence of significant shortness of breath. This can help ensure more timely hospital treatment if required.

For the most up to date information please visit –

If you start to feel worse or notice a change in your readings please follow the advice below;

1- No action needed if you have any following signs/symptoms or readings:
• Fully mobile, able to manage stairs, not confused
• Normal eating and drinking
• Oxygen level (measured with the pulse oximeter) is consistently at or above 95%
• Pulse Range 50-90 beats per minute

2- Ring your Doctor or 111 as soon as possible if you have one or more of the following and
tell the operator you have or may have coronavirus:
• You slowly start feeling more unwell or more breathless.
• You are having difficulty breathing when getting up to go to the toilet or similar.
• Unable to speak in full sentences due to breathlessness
• If you use a pulse oximeter, your blood oxygen level is 94% or 93% when sitting or
lying down, and remains at this level after being rechecked within an hour.
• You sense that something is wrong (general weakness, extreme tiredness, loss of
appetite, reduced urine output, unable to care for yourself – simple tasks like
washing and dressing or making food).
• Pulse persistently over 90 beats per minute at rest
• Not eating and drinking
• Fever not responding to cooling down and paracetamol.

If your blood oxygen level is usually below 95% but it drops below your normal level, call
111 or your GP surgery for advice.

3- Attend your nearest A&E or call 999 immediately if you have one or more of the
following and tell the operator you have or may have coronavirus:
• You are unable to complete short sentences when at rest due to breathlessness.
• Your breathing suddenly worsens within an hour.
• Your blood oxygen level is 92% or less. Check your blood oxygen level again straight
away – if it’s still 92% or below, go to A&E immediately or call 999.

OR if these more general signs of serious illness develop:
• you are coughing up blood
• you feel cold and sweaty with pale or blotchy skin
• you develop a rash that does not fade when you roll a drinking glass over it
• you collapse or faint
• you become agitated, confused or very drowsy
• you have stopped peeing or are peeing much less than usual.

If you have a pulse oximeter, please give the oxygen saturation reading to the 999

Here is a link to the COVID-19 diary that patients could use under clinical supervision to support remote monitoring of patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19 –

As advised in the video please check your pulse oximeter has the CE Kitemark, and avoid apps on smartphones which may not be as reliable.

If you are in the US you can also check the Food and Drug Administration’s 510(k) Premarket Notification Database by searching “Oximeter” to make sure a device is listed –

This video is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Abraham The Pharmacist has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

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