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Oran Park mother went to doctor seeking help for mental health days before baby boy found dead [Video]

A mother of a four-month-old boy who drowned in a bathtub had sought professional help for her mental health earlier in the week. 

The 32-year-old had visited a doctor days before she was found sitting in the bathroom next to her dead baby boy at her Seaborn Avenue home at Oran Park, in Sydney's south-west, at about 4.40pm on Thursday.

Police arrested the woman before they took her to Liverpool Hospital to be treated at a mental health facility. 

No charges have been made as investigators and forensic officers say it is too early to determine how or where the child died.  

The woman had been discovered in the bathroom by her husband before he immediately called paramedics who were unable to resuscitate the baby, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Harrowing footage captured a devastated man, dressed in a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans, sitting on the ground outside of the home with a …

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Mental Health

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