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Minnesota city OKs police changes following Daunte Wright shooting death [Video]

The city council in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, approved a number of police policy changes Saturday night as part of the repercussions of the April 11 police shooting death of Daunte Wright, which drew national attention.

The changes include the creation of a new department of public safety that will be staffed with unarmed traffic officers and a mental health response division, FOX 9 of Minneapolis reported.

The proposals were approved on a 4-1 vote, prompting cheers and applause from members of the public who attended the meeting, the report said.

Officials with the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and other groups had raised concerns about possible changes, including whether unarmed officers would be safe in handling traffic stops, which often lead to dangerous situations.


"Brooklyn Center did not look to be in the national spotlight on these issues but here we are," Mayor Michael Elliott said …

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OurHerd powered by batyr - Good Design [Video]

Traditionally, social media platforms can be a toxic environment flooded with harmful and triggering content, as well as intentionally provocative or offensive messages. OurHerd is designed to first and foremost honour the safety of its users.Users are given control over the information they choose to share, including the option to remain anonymous. All stories that are submitted to the app are reviewed before they go live on the platform to ensure that they meet industry best practice for safe storytelling when dealing with such sensitive topics.The story creation workflow is designed to provide our users guidance at every step of the way in crafting their unique story, with tips on structure and language to articulate their story, whilst maintaining the importance of self-care throughout the process. The overarching goal is for the stories shared to have a positive impact for all users of OurHerd.If at any time a user requires direct support, they can tap on the 'lifesaver ring' which presents them with immediate access to a network of service providers nationally (Aus) and internationally. These help options are available in a range of different contact options e.g. text, call, online chat and online forums.