Mental Health

Mental health help: How to help a loved one dealing with anxiety [Video]

This is advice for those times when you may not know what to do.

CLEVELAND — Sometimes raising awareness about mental health isn't just about ending stigmas, it's about finding help — and sometimes that applies to someone seeking mental health help. But what about their friends and family who want to be there for them more? This is the help you've been looking for.

This is how you can be an ally.

"My boyfriend, he used to say all the time, 'I don't know how to help you' when I would have these depressive episodes, I couldn't get out of bed," says Ciera Herron, who remembers those specific days very well.

Many of us can relate to this moment: Someone we love is sad, and we don't know how to help. Or we say something meant to be helpful that can leave someone feeling helpless.

"He was like what can I do to fix you, he felt like it was his fault," she remembers. 'And …

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