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Make natural sleeping drinks-By leaf and cloves recipe | Crazy Craft Tips. [Video]

Make natural sleeping drinks-By leaf and cloves recipe | Crazy Craft Tips.


Make natural sleeping drinks-By leaf and cloves recipe | Crazy Craft Tips.

Best Sleeping Tips – Bay leaf and cloves in a hot cup
Amazing … Benefits of drinking leafs with the clove and I thank me on the recipe !!

Miracle recipe,

have it before you go to bed and you will have a heavenly sleep.

This drink will ensure you have an increased amount of immunity and low down the sugar level, also preventing every type of respiratory disease.

Yes bay leaf what you need

Bay leaf produces insulin to blood and hold down sugar level

Digestive issue, Long time no medicine is working out, Try it and you will be cured.

Cloves need to be mixed

Cloves belongs not only antiseptic properties but also strengthen immunity and remove pain from the body

A hot cup of water will pump up your energy before bed

It prevents insomnia and fast sleep will reduce your frustration
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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

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