Mental Health

Lil Xan Backs Legalization Of Psychedelics To Combat Depression [Video]


He also has advice for anyone going through it.

Millions of investment dollars are currently being poured into medical research of psychedelics — and Lil Xan is all for it.

The rapper believes believes the mind-altering drugs should be legalized, to help people battle against depression.

"I think mental issues and depression, everyone deals with the differently, and everybody has their own way of coping with it and stuff," he said, after a night out at BOA in LA this week.

"I think we should legalize psychedelics because I do think some people really do benefit off the effects of psychedelics and stuff, so I'm all for the legalization of that."

The 24-year-old, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos, has himself struggled with depression, as well as addiction to pharmaceuticals in the past — hence the stage name; he is now sober and …

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