Better Sleep



Welcome to my life 😇💛 Enjoy this whole ass insomnia mess


Chapter One- Disclaimer (WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK)- 0:17
Chapter Two- Worm rant @ 3 am – 1:21
Chapter Three- Insomnia Vlog Commences – 1:51
Chapter Four- explaining my three month dating hiatus – 2:20
Chapter Five- Guinea pig introductions – 5:35
Chapter Six- Walk commences & stories about my dad for Justin Drummond – 7:40
Chapter Seven- Thoughts on Canadian igloo crisis 🇨🇦- 10:46
Chapter Eight- In the air tonight cover by me – 11:47
Chapter Nine- Music opinions – 12:39
Chapter Ten – Pisces King Justin & B CHAINZZZ – 14:14
Chapter Eleven – When life itself is a sign- 15:25
Chapter Twelve- Sign from my spirit animal guides – 16:36
Chapter Thirteen- The Park: Swings, Doug Ford & Chemtrails
Chapter Fourteen- Spongebob impressions & how to know you’re clairvoyant- 21:19
Chapter Fifteen- Walk Continues- 22:32
Chapter Sixteen- TED TALK #1- THE PATRIARCHY- 25:00
Chapter Seventeen- Me interpreting my birth chart and astrology lesson – 28:00
Chapter Eighteen- More Canadian fun facts ft thoughts on/ impression of North York mandem
Chapter 19- When life gives you lemons, make some freaking lemonade & drink it – 33:40
Chapter Twenty- The Love Story @ Tim Hortons drive thru – 35:00
Chapter Twenty One- Mom wakes up – 37:15
Chapter Twenty Two- Plant tour #1 commences- 40:30
Chapter Twenty Three- Outro #1 – 41:40
Chapter Twenty Four- Justin Drummond’s Rhythm of Bright dating app profile in a nutshell – 42:40
Chapter Twenty Five- PSA TO FUTURE HUSBAND on some cool visions I’ve been having – 44:09
Chapter Twenty Six- Plant tour continues 45:45
Chapter Twenty Seven- PSA: I HAVE WORMS 🐛 – 49:05
Chapter Twenty Eight – Dinner – 51:51
(I love how I got lazy & stopped typing the words damn this description box thus far has taken 40 mins )
Chapter 29 – Am I Living the fricken dream & fun fact about our middle names – 52:22
Chapter 30- Concert #2 Foster EBay edition- 53:39
Chapter 31- “End of vlog” – 54:20
Chapter 32- Childhood artwork possibly containing visions of wedding ring / Perks of marrying me – 54:54
Chapter 33- Screaming over Claudia Auger (queen of youtube)*headphone warning⚠️ – 55:50
Chapter 34- “Last Outro” & guinea pig update- 56:18
Chapter 35- Rhythm of Bright drinking game update #happysaturday pls be safe tho don’t actually take all those shots unless u can handle it besties hahaha) – 57:24
Chapter 36- Astrology tinder business proposal. All business inquiries pls see 📧
Chapter 37- Final shoutouts 59:42
Chapter 38- Pumpkin seeds & finalish Outro – 1:00:36
Chapter 39- Next day sleep update 1:00:55
Chapter 40- Batting things? 1:01:55

– FOSTER EBAY watch all his videos he’s woke af and ALSO A VIRGO SUN WITH A LEO MOON LIKE ME –
– YALOCALSTARSEED check out young king briefly mentioned he knows what’s up I’m obsessed with how he channels messages 4 u guys –
– ANILASITA 101 – BRIEFLY MENTIONED BUT MY QUEEN check out her manifesting videos, she has definitely helped boost my confidence ily sis!! Go watch all her videos –
– LIVING THE DREAM- literally a Canadian treasure everybody go like all his videos he’s the best –
His house tour I mentioned to you guys literally goalz and manifestation INSPO WOO –
– CLAUDIA AUGER QUEEN OF YOUTUBE. she’s literally my soulmate and the epitome of mermaid pls go support her she’s my angel –
– PSYCHEDELIC ACTUALIZATION – check out my friend vergo aka Philip who is breaking stigma about psychedelics on your spiritual journey!! You go bestie!! Check out his videos expand ur mind

^ you’re welcome for the above list you guys are going to thank me for connecting you to these literal angels 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for …

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**** serious inquiries only ⚠️⚠️⚠️ these people are literally my bffs so you hurt them, you deal with me Broski


Astrology 101 (possibly the best beginner astrology video on the internet depending who you ask) –

Body image video inspired by queen anilasita –


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Better Sleep

Go To Sleep With Thunder & Rain Sounds ☔ Relaxing Sound for Insomnia Symptoms 🌧/Disorders [Video]

In this videos:: Go to sleep with thunder ⛈ and rain sounds,Relaxing sound for insomnia symptoms and sleeping disorders. Fall asleep faster and stay sleep longer with thunder storms sounds. This soothing nature sounds with will creates a peaceful ambience for relaxation in your bedroom at night.if you suffer from insomnia or have a sleep disorders then this relaxing sleep video may be help. Lake of sleep associate with heart attacks,strokes, and diabetes. please always watching friends.

Better Sleep

Go to Sleep whith Thunder & Rain Sounds | Relaxing Sounds for Insomnia Symptoms & Sleeping Disorders [Video]

Go to sleep to the sound of thunder and rain. Relax sounds for symptoms of insomnia and sleep disorders. Fall asleep faster and sleep better with the sound of thunder. The sounds of nature that this film will create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation in your bedroom at night. If you suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping then these relaxing sleep videos can help. Lack of sleep with heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. It also lowers your productivity, boosts your sex drive, and ages you faster. If you need to sleep faster and easier then these rain and thunder sounds can be the solution. These sleep sounds can also help help you see distracting backgrounds while you are studying or taking an exam. We really hope you enjoy this lightning video for insomnia and sleep relief.

Better Sleep

When the VA thought I might have sleep apnea, they arranged for me to have a home sleep study test. They sent me this kit from WatchPAT. It was the easiest, most simple device I've used in a very long time. This video first tells you how I used the machine, then I have included screenshots from the WatchPAT APP showing the step-by-step process to use this device. It was not uncomfortable to wear at all, and the next morning it quickly uploaded the data to their server and I guess VA had the completed report in 2 days, since they called me to set up a follow up appointment - which will be in October, but that' ok by me.The music in this video I purchased a license from POND5:Riding My Motorcycle by WAVEBRIGADE