Better Sleep

How To Sleep Better | 12 Tips from Athletes [Video]

How To Sleep Better | 12 Tips from Athletes

A person spends a third of his life on sleep. Sleep is a natural physiological process, necessary for a normal life. In a dream, strength is restored,
the information received during the day is processed, diseases recede.
Sleep disturbance is fraught with absent-mindedness, irritability,
performance, and bad mood.
We’ve put together 12 simple tips from professional athletes to help you sleep better:
#1: Set a schedule based on sleep cycles 0:19
#2: Try to sleep on your side or back 1:03
#3: Set the appropriate temperature in your room 1:47
#4: Invest in good bedding 2:15
#5: Make your bedroom as dark as possible 2:43
#6: Eat the right food 3:13
#7: Use earplugs 3:47
#8: Resolve your stress 4:05
#9: Try Moon breathing 5:14
#10: Put on the right music 5:38
#11: Hum like a bee 6:23
#12: Clean up your room 6:44

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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

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