Reducing Inflammation

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Gut-Brain Connection | Dr. Achina Stein [Video]

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Gut-Brain Connection | Dr. Achina Stein

Did you know that inflammation affects your gut AND your mental health? 🤯 What if the symptoms that you have been experiencing aren’t depression or anxiety?

In this week’s vodcast, board-certified holistic psychiatrist Dr. Achina Stein shares her family’s story with mental health and explains crucial steps on how to S.H.I.F.T. your life towards health and happiness! ✨

❗️The information in this interview saved Dr. Stein’s son’s life and led her down a path that led to holistic psychiatry. 🧠 This episode not only provides essential steps on how to build a life you want to live but also ignites hope for those suffering from a mental health condition.

Check out this episode to learn about the functional medicine approach to kickstart your recovery journey! Let us know what tips you will be utilizing in your life in the comments below!👇

00:00 Dr. Achina Stein and her introduction to functional psychiatry
01:35 How functional medicine saved Dr. Stein’s son
11:45 How Dr. Stein’s family story framed her approach as a psychiatrist
16:00 The functional medicine approach in the gut-brain connection
18:44 Fighting inflammation through the SHIFT method
23:57 Common nutrient deficiencies in mental health conditions
28:44 The time and place for antidepressants and safely getting off medications
35:58 What is ‘serotonin syndrome’ and the importance of working with a qualified medical practitioner
40:25 Finding hope after your mental health diagnosis
42:00 SSRI vs. Lifestyle changes for mild depression
47:32 Dr. Stein’s free book and additional resources


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