Reducing Inflammation

How to reduce inflammation in the body: practical exercise (watch this) [Video]

How to reduce inflammation in the body: practical exercise (watch this)

To avoid further consequential dis-ease, we want to avoid inflammation.

If you have seen my videos before, you know that in life, everything that is alive to the fullest, flows to the fullest
And everything that gets blocked or stops flowing heads towards a flatline.In our body flow or the electrical signalling between neurons, happens around the ideal PH level.
Inadequate voltage or low pH or lack of oxygen interfere with the body’s ability to generate new life.

PH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a fluid is.At a slightly alkaline pH level, our body flows without obstructions or without inflammation.
But when our body is too acidic, our body becomes prone to inflammation and dis-ease symptoms like low energy and chronic fatigue, inflamed gums, shortness of breath, coughing, yeast fungal overgrowth, weight gain, weight gain and obesity, increased heart rate, diabetes, headaches, sleepiness, osteoporosis,

So in short to reduce inflammation or to make our body less prone to dis-ease symptoms, we would like our body in a slightly alkaline state.

The way that we breathe makes a lot of difference in our body being acidic or alkaline. The deeper we breathe, the more alkalising is the effect on our body. When we don’t breathe in a deep manner or take shallow breaths, more carbon dioxide is trapped in our blood, which makes our system highly acidic.

So how can we reduce inflammation or How can we Alkalize our body fast?
Enjoy the video!

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