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How Can Acupuncture Help You? [Video]

From head to toe—these tiny, sterilized needles are placed in specific areas throughout the body. “The acupuncturist uses a very gentle technique to either push or taps the needle in, and after the needle is in, some of them may be manipulated to induce a sensation that radiates,” explained Lee Health acupuncturist, Dr. Ashley Donato. Acupuncture can help patients with a variety of health concerns. “It’s best known for treating pain, smoking cessation, different types of addiction, behavioral health, weight loss,” said Dr. Donato. Dr. Donato works with patients at Lee Health Coconut Point and the Regional Cancer Center. “Here at Regional Cancer Center, the guidelines for acupuncture are strict. But patients can benefit from the side effects of some of their treatments, such as nausea, fatigue, neuropathy,” she said. Used in conjunction with other medical treatments, acupuncture can help patients better manage their symptoms. “I believe in helping people …
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