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Horse seizure /epilepsy [Video]

Horse seizure /epilepsy

This mare has been seen to have seizures like in this video on and off the past 15 years she is 27 years old now. She is an Irish fraught cross part bred Thoroughbred. She has likely been misdiagnosed in the past as she also has EPSM and it seemed to relate to muscle spasms/trapped nerve type of thing! But we now think it’s seizures /epilepsy.

It’s tricky to record them as they happen at random times but a brief description:

Twitching starts in her face and she turns her neck in, the tremors go through her body, she looses coordination, in the last year she now falls over, then gets up canters in circles or sometimes in straight lines depending on where she is in the field, the twitching stops and she goes back to grazing over a 5/10 minute period.

Sharing her symptoms to raise awareness and keen to hear of other horses that have similar signs and diagnoses.

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