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Health sector review to examine concerns over Pharmacs switch to generic epilepsy drug | 1 NEWS [Video]

A review, led by the Ministry of Health, will be held across the health sector following concerns around Pharmac's switch to a generic epilepsy drug known as Logem. 

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It comes after the chief coroner found no direct links to the deaths of six people. Source: 1 NEWS

The drug agency has been criticised over its communication of the change, but in her findings released today, Chief Coroner Deborah Williams found there was no clear evidence linking the switch to the deaths of six people at the centre of a recent inquiry. 

In 2019, a funding decision saw around 11,000 people switch to the generic version of anti-epileptic lamotrigine. Later that year the coronial inquiry was launched into the deaths of six people who died after their medication was switched.

Today's findings containing no formal recommendation, the chief coroner did suggest the establishment of a national database and better monitoring of …

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