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Explained: How Butter is BTS shot at Grammy gold [Video]

Members of South Korean K-pop band BTS pose for photographers ahead of a press conference to introduce their new single "Butter" in Seoul, South Korea. (AP Photo)

It would be somewhat of an anomaly if BTS did not break music records immediately after the K-pop group released a new song. Their latest English single ‘Butter’, released on May 21, became the fastest video ever on YouTube to hit 10 million views, surpassing the group’s own records with last year’s ‘Dynamite’. The group’s global fandom that calls itself ‘ARMY’ propelled the rapid increase in views on digital platforms.

What is BTS’s ‘Butter’ about?

This single doesn’t really focus on subjects like self love, bullying, depression etc that are prominent themes in the group’s previous songs. At a press-conference in Seoul on Friday, the group had said they had intentionally created a light-hearted song.

“If you hear the title ‘Butter,’ you know immediately that we tried to …

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