Reducing Inflammation

Episode #120 – Keto Flex: The 4 Secrets to Reduce Inflammation, Burn Fat and Reboot Your Metabolism with Ben Azadi [Video]

In This Episode:

  • How our ancestors were forced into the ketogenic lifestyle and fasting by their environment and how fortunate that was for their bodies.
  • It’s not a diet! Ketosis is a metabolic process that converts us to a cleaner fuel source – FATS! 
  • 4 major reasons why switching in and out of ketosis is better than sticking with it over the long term.
  • How each of the 4 main pillars of keto flexibility can transform you and your body — all within 60 days!
  • The 7-day protocol to follow if you are not insulin resistant and how to achieve keto flex even if you are.
  • Apply the hermetic principle to generate the right amount of “good stress” in your body for positive results every day!

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