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Driving Safely at Night [Video]

From bright lights to dark roads, studies show drivers are three times more likely to have a crash at night than during the day. “We see less at night when we’re driving. Our distance isn’t as far. When you’re cruising around at 45 miles per hour, you need 190 feet to stop, our headlights only go about 160 feet, so you need to slow that speed down,” explained Syndi Bultman, a trauma injury prevention coordinator with Lee Health. Drivers need to practice being patient and alert at night. “You are driving. You are driving a weapon down that roadway, and you need to be concentrating on what’s on that road in front of you, and especially at night that makes it a lot harder,” she said. In 2020, Lee Health trauma center saw 834 patients injured in car crashes. “The most important thing people can do while they’re driving is …
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