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Can ketamine help treat anxiety and depression? [Video]

Anxiety and depression affect millions of Americans each year. Mindbloom is helping them feel better through at-home ketamine therapy.

TEMPLE, Texas — Dylan Beynon is the founder and CEO of Mindbloom, one of the largest providers of psychedelic therapy in the United States. His company is making ketamine therapy more affordable and available for about half of all Americans in 11 states, including Texas.

"MindBloom is a mental health and well-being brand helping people achieve life changing outcomes and breakthroughs, through guided at-home psychedelic therapy," he said.

"We are helping to radically increase access to ketamine therapy, by making it more approachable, through our friendly consumer brands, affordable, we've lowered the price by 80% from the average ketamine therapy provider and available through telemedicine," Beynon said.

This cause is one that's close to Beynon's heart for several reasons. 

"One is, I grew up in a family that was just annihilated …

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Mental Health

5 Types of Toxic Friends [Video]

Friendship plays an important role in our lives. However, we aren’t always blessed with having reliable and trusting friends around us. Have you ever felt like this in your experience? #toxicfriends #friendshipsCredits Writer: Veronica MaScript Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda SilveraAnimator: Lesly YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong ReferencesTEDx Talks. (2016, December 21). Sharon Livingston: 8 signs of a toxic friendship. Retrieved from Student Talks. (2019, May 17). Leo Hamric: What can you do when a friendship becomes harmful? Retrieved from you have any experience or anything to add let me know in the comments.