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Article: Sonnet: Happy World Mental Health Week! [Video]

Sonnet: Happy World Mental Health Week!

by John Kendall Hawkins


We're falling like dominoes one by one,

says Dr. WHO, from viruses we've made

over time. Intentionally, China

did it! said Rudy. Not so, but kinda;

Wilma bugs come looking to ply their trade —

goon wildernesses that cry: Where's my gun?

But I was talking Love, abstract beauty,

and the cathedrals we can make of Mind —

Back in line and swallow, said Nurse, or else.

At Danvers, now condos, strolling past cells;

there's a fenced-in potter's field out behind

where old dogs are brought to do their duty.

No longer know the stuff dreams are made of

in a fading world that I'm just a shade of.

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