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🔴 Special Live Edition: How To Move Away From Fear & Anxiety ft. @Yuri Choi [Video]

🔴 Special Live Edition: How To Move Away From Fear & Anxiety ft. @Yuri Choi

Psych2Go invites Yuri, the CEO of Yuri Choi Coaching, to discuss further more on HOW to move away from fear & anxiety and feel good. 

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The CEO of Psych2Go has invited Yuri Choi (@Yuri Choi ), the CEO of Yuri Choi Coaching ( In this stream, Yuri 10 powerful questions to ask yourself that will start to shift your mindset positively in 2021 to have the best year. She helps high performers, entrepreneurs, and stressed out people, and she helps them leverage their emotional state and energy to create powerful results and help them live a life full of deep fulfillment and peace. 

She is a speaker, writer, connector and has a book that is being published this year, Creating Your Own Happiness. Yuri is passionate about spreading the messages about meditation, power of intention, and creating a powerful mindset to live a fulfilling life. Her mission in the world is inspire people to live with more laughter, oneness, vulnerability and ease, (L.O.V.E.) to ignite people to live in a world of infinite creative possibilities.’

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Mental Health

From Australia man recording No air, no leaving the room for 338 hours, second time in my 11 days here someone has totally smashed up there room, babies crying. You go crazy being all alone. Is this really necessary. I myself had 9 negative tests before being denied to quarantine at home and I am vaccinated. Why ? What is the price of Victorians mental health ? does any one actually care ? This guy is threatened to be gassed by authorities if he doesn't calm down. Posted By Persist